The new year is un full force, we have our new year resolutions fresh in our brains, we feel focused and that all we dream of we can achieve. This IS the year where we will make it and much more.

One of the things we are constantly looking for is for our outer shell look its best, gain or lose weight, which all are good but it is also important to take care of our skin, specially now that in Panama is summer.

Today, I want to share my essentials that have worked great to keep my face hydrated, because even living in a tropical climate, we can have problems with dryness and so lose elasticity.

The most important is a good clean face. I have told you before that I love cleaning my face daily with my FOREO Luna 2. Its soft pulsating effect manages to rid my face of all the dirt so I can start my day with radiant skin. It helps me feel my skin tighter and ready for makeup. Besides, the changes I have seen in my skin, after a couple of months using it, has been beyond. My skin is softer, I don’t break out and I even feel it tighter.

I then apply facial oils like The Ordinary or Sunday Riley, I prefer to alternate them, max two to three drops all over my face and neck and then I rub it in with the anti aging side of my FOREO. The pulsating effect helps the oils penetrate on my skin not leaving it greasy.

Lastly, I apply SPF 50 and I am ready to apply makeup or to just have my skin radiante and soft all day.

Now you know, for this new year, lets take care of each other completely from the inside out.

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