Hey guys! So, I wanted to share my experience with Sergio so far. If you guys have been following me you know by now that he is about to turn 3 next month.

About a year ago, everyone kept telling me, beware! terrible twos are coming soon. I truly did not know what to expect. Will not deny I was a bit (a lot) scared. I had seen the tantrums of other kids, talking back at their parents and just being al around rude and uncontrollable.

So my husband and I talked and we decided to be a united front. When he said no I would say no and so forth.

Now that he is turning three, these are my main tips that have worked for us.

  1. Set the grounds of who is boss
  2. Yelling at them will only bring on more yelling
  3. Get down to their level and explain that what they are doing is wrong
  4. Time out, enforce it, do it and then sit down, explain, talk to them about their actions
  5. Be patient. This is the hardest one, specially after a long day but understand that their brains are developing and they see the world differently
  6. Lastly, if you are wrong, acknowledge it and tell them you are sorry. They learn from example so admit it when you are wrong.

I hope these tips help you to better sail this tender age. It has helped me and our kid has been amazing so far. Yes, there are moments where it doesn’t work but in the end I exercise the patience part and it pays off.

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