Hi guys! For today’s post I wanted to share what to look out for when choosing a sports bra. Nowadays there are plenty of options and brands that cater to our daily workouts but choosing a sport bra goes beyond just how it looks.

First off, analyze what type of sport or workout you normally do. In my case I run most days and when I am not running I do high intensity functional workouts, so it’s important to have my girls well in place and not moving around. That way you can focus on other things rather than one slipping out.

My top suggestions would be to avoid any sport bra with wire push up, after a while it can be quite uncomfortable. Also, white, not only in sport bras but in pants as well. You sweat, it will be see through and that, we don’t want.

One of my main recommendations is depending on your bust size, sports bras that are crossed at the back are amazing for keeping your girls tucked in. This is actually my favorite style because you just feel very secure in them.

Finally, if you have a way to try on the brand before ordering online, do so, because each brand is different and sizes run differently. Also, the materials vary from brand to brand. Personally I prefer a texture that feels sturdier than those that are ultra soft.

In the end a good sports bra will help you feel amazing while working out and just overall sexy. Wear your workout clothes with pride and wear it well because in these clothes is where you will be able to see the actual differences as your body progresses and changes to a better version of you.

Let me know if these tips help when you go picking out your sports bra.

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