There is nothing more precious and timeless than good jewelry. My favorite type is the dainty kind where the pieces are small and delicate and you can stack them up without looking bulky. 

My favorites to stack are bracelets and necklaces. I recommend starting from the shortest to the longest with the necklaces and for the bracelets go from the simplest, closest to your hand to the chunkiest, closest to your elbow. They look so elegant with a day outfit or an evening outfit for a holiday party.

For me, this is trend that will not end any time soon.

What I like best are pieces that one can not only stack but use them in several ways. A great jewel that you can mix and match depending on your mood but the best part, that it will not break the bank. That will take you from running, to daily life to night life. Those are the pieces I recommend investing in.

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