As some of you know, I have been a Visa brand ambassador for the past year, and got renewed again for this year (which makes me super happy because I love the brand and what it stands for)

Anyways, I have always had a Visa credit card, it was my first one that I got on my own. I got it for my first girl’s trip and I felt like such a rockstar when I had that plastic. This happened almost 20 or so years ago, yes a long time, but I never knew the amount of benefits having a card like this had.

I wanted to share some of them, specially when you are traveling. You can book 5 star hotels and insane accessible prices depending on the status of your card, your shopping is secure, benefits at restaurants and what for me was a major winner is access to a doctor online in case you were to need one.

This last one for me is truly the best because when traveling with kids, you know they get sick in a split second so having access to this benefit is just amazing.

I just wanted to share this information because sometimes we have this little plastic that sometimes can stress us because of how much we put on it but if we had any idea of all the extra things we can get from it, then it is truly worth it.

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