Hi loves! hope everyone is doing really well. Today on the blog I wanted to focus on botox. Lately there has been a lot of talk about it since JLO said, she has never used botox, which to be honest, I doubt it. When you are in the spotlight with so much pressure to look young and fresh, she must have used it. Any ways, I wanted to share my personal experience with this and what I recommend looking out for.

I am 38 and started using it recently. I never really thought I needed it and my dermatologist wasn’t pushing me to use it because she saw that my skin was doing really well for my age so she said I could wait a few more years. Fast forward to 2020 and well, all this confinement and stress really took a toll. I mean I would still use my creams and beauty regimen to a T, plus no makeup what so ever, I thought would help my skin but in reality it just felt dull and tired.

As soon as quarantine was semi lifted I rushed to her and told her to give me anything to make my skin glow again, even botox. I have always been petrified of needles and botox specially because I have seen other people just look really funny with it.

My experience in the end was amazing!! So, first of all, she tells me that there is no real age to start with botox. There are women that start at 24-25 or like me at 38. It depends on your skin, genetics and really what you want. Since it was my first time, she started me with just a tiny amount. I have to be honest, I didn’t look at the needle so I don’t know the size of it but I do know it did not hurt one bit, no bruises, nothing, you really could not tell.

I did have a headache after that and few days after the procedure but nothing that a few Tylenol couldn’t solve. Also, I didn’t workout 24hours after applying botox, to achieve better results. Within a couple of weeks, my skin was glowing, yes the movement on my forehead and crows feet was close to none but I could still move my face and have an expression.

I strongly recommend getting it, if it is something that you really want. Ask around, do your research, don’t go with anyone. I am truly happy with my results and I like that my dermatologist, Glynnies Reyes at CDI, is very conservative. When I call her that I want more (because you become addicted) she stops me and tells me no. It is always good to have a Dr. that will tell you when to stop.

So, I started in 2020 using botox, I applied it twice in that year for the first time. Once in May and then in November. It has lasted beautifully even with my hard core workouts. I love the results on my skin and how it just glows, it has even motivated me to use less and less makeup.

Hope I was able to clarify any doubts and if you have questions, let me know.

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