Hello loves! Hope everyone is having a good month and things are going better than expected.

In today’s post I wanted to focus on good healthy, strong nails. Every hand and nails are different and depending on the time in your life they can be long and strong or short and easily breaking. I have noticed that when we are under a lot of stress we tend to not eat so healthy, and so our nails start acting out.

Living a healthy lifestyle will have you not only with strong nails but beautiful skin and hair. Having a more balanced lifestyle will help you throughout.

Now, back to nails. Ever since I started getting my nails done professionally I have seen a huge difference. Going to an experienced nail technician does wonders. It has been almost a year since I started going to The Nail Bar and the difference is beyond. On top of that I am taking 3 Wellbel vitamins daily with my breakfast and they are not only strong but also getting so long.

I have even ventured into nail art which, my husband doesn’t love, but I truly love! I think it is so fun. Plus, I also went ahead and tried dip powder which makes my manicure last forever and has helped me with my biting on the sides of my nails and if removed properly it doesn’t ruin your own nail which is also fantastic.

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