When the quarantined started, I can’t really remember, but it was around March 20th or so, I felt that posting what I had worked on with my photographer really didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t my reality or anyone elses reality.

We were all stuck at home so I decided that instead of staying in pijamas all day (which at times I do) I figured I was going to get dressed as much as possible and rediscover my house. I started playing with angles, natural light that comes in through my windows at different times during the day, looking through Instagram to get inspiration and playing with editing.

So who takes my pictures? Well, me on timer, sometimes my husband or my kids nanny. What I do is look for the perfect angle that I want and tell them where to stand and what to shoot so that I can get the result I want.

It has been fun to find new angles and areas to shoot around the house, as well as mixing and matching clothes that I have in my closet to give you guys fun options to style from your own closet.

My best tip to achieve these pictures…trial and error, shoot and reshoot until you find what you want. As the days go by you will see yourself shooting your pics a lot faster and when we return to the outside world, if you work with a photographer it will be great to give and explain exactly what you want and need.

What do you guys think?

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