How are we all doing? I have gone through all the stages of uncertainty but finally have found some normalcy within all this madness.

I wanted to share some tips that have helped me during this quarantine, specially with my kids. Between home school, working out, work, husband and house, well it can all be very overwhelming.

So here are my tips:

  • Not everything has to be done in one day. Make a cleaning schedule, what gets done when and the times to do it
  • Do homeschool with your kids every day at the same time. It creates a routine, they know what to expect. The same goes for naps, meals and playtime
  • Dedicate two hours to your work, do it efficiently so it will get done fast
  • As soon as kids are asleep, dedicate time to your self and your partner. Breathe, do a workout, have some wine.

This has been my schedule in case you want to copy it:

  1. Wakeup 7am (Breakfast for everyone)
  2. 8am homeschool
  3. 10am workout and cleaning
  4. 12pm lunch
  5. 1:30pm nap time and mom works
  6. 4pm kids are up and we have fun inside the house
  7. 5:30pm rooftop time to get some fresh air
  8. 6:30pm dinner time, shower and everyone in bed
  9. 8:30pm wine, dinner and quality time

Hope this helps guys. Wishing all to be safe and remember you don’t have to be perfect. Just take one day at a time. If you have kids, take this time to dedicate the most to them, they will value it.

We will all come out of this stronger and with a tighter sense of family unity.

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