The women in my family have almost no hair, we are known for just having very fine hair. On my dad’s side and my mom as well. We are constantly telling each other our secrets to maintain it as full and healthy as possible.

I always dreamed of amazing hair commercial type hair but my reality, unless I put in extensions is not that. My hair is very fine and breaks easily so it is very important I use the correct products, hairstylist, vitamins, etc

So I want to share my normal routine to help keep my hair as strong as possible without falling out.

  1. Every morning I take 3 Wellbel vitamins with breakfast. I normally hate taking pills but these I have truly seen a difference. Literally, my hair does not fall out.
  2. I wash my hair every other day and apply conditioner only on the ends of my hair so I don’t make it greasy. If I am not washing it, I apply dry shampoo from Ro&Co
  3. A Milbon heat protection and voluminizer so my hair won’t break when I am styling it.
  4. I color and cut it at Hairarchy Salon only 3 times a year (love a good balayage) this allows me to let it grow and not be coloring it every month.
  5. I use voluminzing and anti breakage shampoo from Insight or Daviness which I also get from Hairarchy Salon.
  6. Make sure when you brush it to untangle it from the ends to the top, this will also avoid thinning.

These are my tips and so far have helped so much with taking good care of my hair. It has been falling out maybe a strand of hair to non at all. So happy with the results plus tons of hair is growing back, shiny and healthy.

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