Since I started studying to become a certified Health Coach I have learned a great many things. Some, I already kind of knew but others I had no idea and because of this knowledge, my lifestyle has completely changed, or at least began to change.

One of the main things that is drilled in our heads is the concept of bio individuality. What this means is that not every person is the same and what may work for you does not necessarily work for others.

One of our modules was dedicated to juicing. People love to go on detox phases to cleanse the body and people claim to feel more energised and that they are not hungry when they detox but rather feel relieved and helps them kick start a healthy lifestyle.

Personally, detox is not for me. I lead a very active lifestyle plus I train really hard almost everyday. If I detox, I would probably faint and telling me that I cannot eat for a day, or two or three just drives me up a wall and all I want to do is eat. I have tried it twice and I for sure cannot do it, or at least right now I don’t see it as a possibility.

One thing that I do love is juicing. I have developed a love for Happy Verde, this company that does cold pressed juices made fresh every day. I love how I can get most of my vitamins and minerals in one bottle, vegetables I wouldn’t normally eat I can get them this way. It has become a lifestyle drinking these juices, plus, they are truly delicious and refreshing.

I take them after a heavy workout or as a snack. Now, the best part is that you can order online and they deliver to your door plus, they have a great line for kids juices that they are for sure going to love.

The green one is great when you want to control your sugar intake, great option a snack. Spicy Lemon, works amazing on a super hot day.

Love this one for after working out, gives me that boost.


This one is perfect when you have a sweet craving

Yummy option to have with your breakfast.

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