As a new mom I take pictures of my son every 2 seconds. It’s an un going thing that never stops, specially because nowadays with technology you can take the perfect picture without needing a professional camera.

But, the main problem I came to realize is that all the pictures stay in your cell phone and with technology even though it’s a blessing, we are constantly getting the new phone with the best resolution and with all those upgrades, many times we lose our precious pictures, those moments that will not happen again.

So, I have given myself the task to once a month, gather from family members and myself, pictures of Sergio and print them out to make him a scrapbook. I want something he can look at when he’s older. One of the products I have used that I highly recommend is the HP Sprocket. When I first heard of a printer I figured it looked like a normal printer but smaller but when I saw it, it fit in the palm of my hand which was great because I can take my scrapbook project anywhere I go.

The other thing I loved is that the paper that works with the Sprocket is doubles as a sticker and you can print it with any design you want. Personally I print it without design so I can add to it my personal touch.

Finally, how to use it. I am terrible with technology, it takes me a while to understand it and let me tell you it was so easy!

I just downloaded the app and it recognized all my pictures. I chose which ones I wanted to print out and via bluetooth I would give the command and it would just print.

I highly recommend it, so easy, fun and just a really nice way to save your memories for your family members.

Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments or how you save your most precious memories.


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Me gustó mucho, me sentí identificada ya que tengo una nena de dos y son muchas las.fotografias que le tengo. Se ve muy práctico y no hay nada como contar con esas fotografías de manera tangible como se tenía antes.
Buen dato..gracias saludos!


Me emociona que te guste el post. Es un trabajo y dedicación pero creo fielmente que nuestros hijos nos lo van a agradecer. Incluso para uno mismo el poder ver esos momentos de una manera tangible es importante. Un abrazo

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