Hey guys! I wanted to share what I am doing during this time to help my skin relax and feel its best.

First of all, I have been actively drinking up to or more than 2L of water. I fill up my huge Bubba thermos and work on it all day until it is finished. It is a daily challenge I made for myself and it has now become a habit. I have found it keeps me full most of the day, so no snacking in between, plus, my skin really glows as I get rid of toxins constantly.

Now, the other thing I have been doing is, thanks to my amazing dermatologist, Glynnies Reyes from CDI. Since we met it has been a match made in heaven. She recommended I try Bioeffect. I had seen it before but never purchased it for some reason.

Now I am so happy to be using EGF+2A DUO and EGF Eye Serum. I never use anything constantly as I receive several products I tend to rotate them but she told me to use it every day for a month. Well, I listen to everything she tells me to do and the results have been amazing. My skin looks and feels hydrated, glowy, I even noticed a small scar I have on my chin shrink considerably as well as certain sun spots that I had.

The best part is, even my pores have shrunk a bit. I truly have liked the results. It is a bit of an investment but so worth it. The product lasts a lot and a little bit goes a long way.

If you can’t invest in all two products, which is understandable, you can choose either one and it will be worth your while.

Now a treat for all of you. When you access www.bioeffect.com.pa they

  1. Deliver to your door with all the necessary precautions
  2. At check out, you can normally choose one product to try at a cost but if you add my Dr. Glynnies Reyes code CDIBIOWEB you get two trial products (trust me, they are a really good size) at no cost at all.

Hope you guys try it and let me know 🙂

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