While I was pregnant my hair was beyond amazing, it felt thick, full, healthy and hardly any of it was falling out. I was truly amazed.

After giving birth, my hair was still looking and feeling amazing, but a few months in, I started loosing hair like there was no tomorrow. I freaked out. When I showered so much hair would fall out that I thought I was going to end up with bald spots, which I had seen other post pregnancy women have that issue. Mind you, I have very thin hair and not a lot of it in normal circumstances, so you can understand why I was freaking out.

Well, I decided to eat as healthy as I could, plus, give it a trim and keep it short for awhile so it would look full and, what I think was a game changer, taking two keratin vitamins daily. I found these in Vitamin Shoppe, they are not cheap but I have taken them constantly for two months and my hair feels like new, plus there is tons of new hair growing again.

For sure I recommend these vitamins, they have done me wonders.

What have you taken post pregnancy hair loss?

**Like anything you decide to take, I strongly advise you talk to your doctor prior taking any type of medication or vitamins**


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