Hey guys! So, I was in L.A. recently for Girl Boss Rally. It was truly an out of this world experience. Being there with an awesome group of friends, living our best lives was just priceless. It confirmed what I already knew plus gave me the courage to keep on moving forward with my business.

We had limited amount of time to see it all, we only had Friday off, the other days was Girl Boss Rally days all day.

On Friday we went to Venice Beach and Santa Monica. It was such a fun day, hectic, but so much fun to walk around and see everyone in their element. It is for sure a must see, great vibe, eating and vintage shopping.

As for restaurants, we went to Fig for brunch, it was amazing! We did Gratitude for dinner if you are into vegan or vegetarian meals, very tasty. Also Margot and Elephante had an amazing vibe to them. It was not only yummy to eat but you could stay there and have drinks because the ambiance was so much fun.

One important note, even though it is summer during the day, at night and early evening got really chilly, so be prepared and take a light jacket with you.

It was a very quick friends getaway but so worth it. Girl Boss reaffirmed that what we are doing and where we are headed is the correct direction.



















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