I don’t know what day it is, I have asked maybe 10 times to the people in my house. It has been a mental race being in quarantine. Trying to keep calm, not be anxious and bring peace to my family and to transmit peace to all of you who take the time to read me.

First of all, I have been focusing in God. He has a master plan I have decided to trust Him no matter what. I believe in Him and that he wants what’s best for us, his children.

Family time has been truly special. There is no rush, we do homeschool, we work, we play. We have learned so much from Sergio and Alana, how incredible and special they both are.

I realize every day how lucky we are to have the home we have, with access to a roof top where we can see the sunset, birds and just spend the last glimpses of summer. We end our days playing games like jacks with Sergio or running around the house or making dumb challenges that usually we end up getting wrong but making us laugh really hard.

My husband and I have had romantic dinners on that roof top, that before we had never used. This quarantine has allowed me to be more creative, think of where I am going as an entrepreneur, what I want to transmit and focus on.

Try to look at the glass half full, stop worrying about tomorrow and the hardships that «could» come from this but focus on the good, breathe, find peace and know that things will be alright as long as you have faith, health and family, good things WILL happen. Enjoy this time you have with your family or even if you are alone in your apartment, take this time to work on you and who you want to become. You will be a butterfly in this metamorphosis.

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