So I grew up in a household where my mom loves to cook and by cooking I mean, she cooks when she’s happy one or two things, when she’s mad the girl cooks up a storm, I mean there is food every where and the worst part, it is good, decadent food that just makes you want to eat the entire bowl.

The way my mom grew up was butter on everything, sauces and dressings on every plate, otherwise it will not give you the energy and nutrients you need to keep up with your day. But, if you’ve had a rough, long, difficult, pain in the ass day, the only way to make it all better is with chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream or anything sugar related.

When I was growing up we didn’t have any of the information we have today, so I ate what was given and boy did I enjoy it. I could eat a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies, or was we called them…cukeis, or an entire pint of ice cream. I always had a healthy weight so I never really worried about my appearance but as I grew older and social media ruled my life I started seeing all these healthy accounts and how food could make you feel better and perform better.

I became intrigued, and well as you read in my previous post I am now studying it.

One of the first things I am shocked about is the amount of sugar that almost everything has, from the most basic dressings to your child’s ketchup and morning cereals.

These are the most important guidelines I want to give you that have been my stepping stones to try and over come my sugar addiction:

  1. When reading the label, check for the ingredients. If in the list the top 3 ingredients include sugar or sugar related ingredients then it has tons of sugar
  2. If you have a child, avoid giving him/her any sugar for the first two years. Allow them to develop their palette for savoury, healthy foods and veggies before introducing anything with sugar in it
  3. If you want to consume sweets let them be natural and unprocessed

I have to confess, I keep these things in my mind constantly and try to apply them on my daily life, but it is hard, specially when you pass by a bakery and you see all these yumminess staring at you and saying “eat me, eat me”. Sometimes I cave in but other times I try and focus on how eating those empty calories will affect my body and brain, how I will feel later on.

So, if I am going to cave, I really make sure it will be with something that is absolutely decadent.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with this piece of info that left me in utter shock…according to studies, sugar intake does the same to your brain as cocaine. I don’t do drugs so I don’t know from personal experience, but what I have come to realise is that you do get a sugar rush or high after consuming it and then a few hours later you feel sick and with no energy whatsoever.

I hope this info was not to overwhelming and that you enjoyed it. I like sharing this type of info because I think will allow me to guide my family and hopefully yours into a better, healthier, lifestyle.

Leave me your comments below and if you have any questions I am more than happy to reply.



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