Hello loves! Officially fashion presentations and shows are over but boy was it an amazing and fun ride.

Even when they were available for several hours after de premier I loved watching them as soon as it was premiering, the rush and excitement to be connected at the same time as other magazine editors and bloggers that I respect and admire, made me feel so happy.

Now that we are entering the Holiday season and we start thinking what to wear, because if you are like me, even if there are no parties you want to wear something new and special but comfortable at the same time. In this season, everything was of the moment and relatable. I personally loved the Michael Kors runway because I got to see the behind the scenes which I found to be very emotional plus amazing clothes that were perfect for a Holiday at home.

What are your thoughts? What will you be wearing this Holiday season? I for sure will not be wearing sparkles but more flowy, fresh, breathable clothes.

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