“The big difference between couture and ready-t0-wear is

not design. It is the fabrics, the handwork and the fittings.

The act of creation is the same”

-Yves Saint Laurent


“All too often, we forget that embroidery is still done by hand, 20160715_093230 just as it was in the eighteenth century. We can succeed incompletely covering a dress with millions of sequins or beads placed one by one by fingers that, especially in our mechanical age, seem as though they come from fairy hands.”

-Christian Dior


“The pink cape was made from 1,300 satin camelias…They grew from small flowers at the collar to large flowers at the hem. Chanel was very discreet with the camellia–brooches, corsages”

-Karl Lagerfeld

20160715_094450 20160715_093809

20160715_101255 20160715_102004 20160715_102201 20160715_102455 20160715_102859 20160715_103912 20160715_104137

“(The flowers are) made out of metal-painted with enamel, to be more  exact. They were all hand painted, then hand applied to the dress three- dimensionally… . At (Alexander) McQueen there has always been a merging of couture and ready-to-wear practices. It’s difficult to differentiate one from the other.”

-Sarah Burton


20160715_100643 20160715_100008

For the first time I went to experience the fabulous exhibition The Met does every year. I was truly in awe of the work that is done, how all is organised in a way that you are able to see every detail of every dress. It does not matter if you are a fashion lover or not, this is an exhibition you for sure, will enjoy.

Photo by me with Samsung S7

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