Hello every body! I have been dying to write to you about my out of this world massage, but had many backed up articles that it seemed to be getting pushed back constantly, anyways, here it is. I had heard that getting a massage during your pregnancy is actually really good for several reasons. First of all, it relaxes your back, allows for a better flow of blood all around your body and what I considered the best part, helps reduce swelling.

Since I live in Panama, I was having a hard time finding a really good place that had the perfect ambiance plus trained personnel to give me the massage I needed. Thankfully I found one, Alta Vita Spa, and let me tell you, it is worth every penny.

As soon as I walked in the receptionist had a soothing voice which relaxed me almost immediately, I filled out the paper work in about 2 seconds and then I was taken to get changed into the most comfy robe. After, I can relaxed in the garden listening to the waterfall. I was between the garden and the waiting room, because this room was also very nice to relax in, especially for a preggo woman, the chairs gave me nice support on my lower back.

After a few minutes I was taken into the massage room and let me tell you, they have THE most amazing pillow. Ok, so, this pillow has 3 holes, one for the belly and 2 top ones for your breasts so after many months, I was able to lay on my belly (yay!)

The massage was heaven, she hit all the areas that were bothering me and even baby was enjoying because he would not stop moving softly from one point to another, which was nice to feel. The massage lasted one hour and I felt incredibly relaxed and happy.

I strongly recommend getting a massage while expecting, not only it relaxes you and helps with all the above mentioned but mentally you feel restored. If you have the budget get it as often as you can but if not, once a month is a good investment to do, I mean, we deserve it after all, we ARE making a kid! 😉

**What I want to emphasise the most is please make sure the person and place giving you the massage is certified and knows how to give a massage to a pregnant woman, it is not the same as a regular massage, although equally good 🙂

Hope you enjoy todays post and let me know in the comments what else you want me to write about



Relaxing in the garden with the sound of the water

Taking a minute before my massage

Best massage ever AND a bump friendly pillow

After massage daze

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