I can’t believe half of 2020 has gone by. It has been, for sure, a very bitter sweet time these last few months where none of us expected to be living a world pandemic.

At the turn of this year I, for some reason, felt off. Like not excited whatsoever but I decided I couldn’t feel this way, it was no way to start a brand new year full of opportunities. The first two months went by and things started to pick up work wise, contracts were renewed which is always amazing (specially when you love the brand), went on a small trip with my husband and then…COVID happened. Locked up since March 20th.

To say it has been challenging is to put it mildly. Not being able to see family and friends, take my kids to the park or just walk around has been very tough. I have cried, gotten frustrated but then dusted myself up and start all over with the best attitude I can.

I have worked out to the point of exhaustion and created content for my different social media platforms. It has been fun but at the same time, feels frustrating to not be able to go out and hustle, make it happen. but on the bright side of all this, I have had date nights with my husband, used parts of the house that otherwise we never use.

Played with our kids, watch them grow and learn has been truly magical. My guess is we are still very far away from leaving quarantine behind but my faith is strong, and am trying to enjoy every moment of every day. God has a reason for everything and I just have to have faith to push through it.

Things will happen and change when they have to happen. Don’t lose hope.

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