I have always been a huge fan of mixing high and low pieces. You can go high end clothes, whether it be a top, bottom or high end shoes or bags. Personally, I am more into the high end shoes and bags because I feel they have more longevity than clothes. Well, not only longevity but you can mix and match it a lot more, use it a lot more than you would, say, a designer blouse or dress.

Today, I wanted to show you how I mixed my top, shorts and Gucci mules for a comfy yet stylish outing on a summer afternoon in Panama.

Hope you enjoy!


Loved the ruffle details
Fits the bump

Love the neutrals
Comfortable, classic and elegant
In love with these embroidered Gucci mules


Photo by: Pablo Gonzalez

Top: MNG

Shorts: MOMs (for future mammas) @momspanama

Mules: Gucci



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