Today I wanted to share my very special baby shower. At first I was in denial about having a baby shower, I don’t like games and I just thought they were boring but at the same time I didn’t want to miss out on all aspects of being an expectant mother so I told my friends, lets do it. 

I didn’t have any games but it was a beautiful summer afternoon in a terrace. It was wonderful with the breeze and my closest friends and family. We enjoyed ourselves for far longer than I had expected, people ended up leaving at 10pm! which was new for me and my mom hahaha

What I loved the most is that everyone there was happy to be there and showed it, plus my friends did a gorgeous job at decorating the entire terrace, the finger food was delicious and all was exactly how I had envisioned it. Simple and elegant.

I am beyond thankful to them and everyone that attended. Below are a bit of the pictures that were taken by the photographer Rodolfo Arangundi (@rodolfoaragundi11)

Entrance to the shower
Loved these quotes
Gorgeous and delicious dessert table
Just decadent
Party favours. Idea I got from Pinterest. A bottle of wine with a tag saying “Baby Making Potion”
The center pieces
My look for the shower
With my mom
With my mom and mother in law
Gorgeous friends
Friends of my mom that are more life family
More fashionable friends
The ladies in charge of making it all happen. Forever thankful

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You looked stunning in your baby shower, your mom is gorgeous, too. Like mother, like daughter. Blessings.


Hi Ivonne, Thanks for your lovely comments! sending love your way! xo

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