It is the end of the month and I can’t believe we are barely two months for this rollercoaster of a year to end. Now, looking back I can’t fathom how we were in our homes for seven months.

Things in Panama are starting to open up but still this virus is around us plus all you see on the news is how other parts of the world are entering their third wave and starting to close up yet again. It is just all too much mentally and even sometimes physically.

We are all yearning to go back to normal, not the «new normal», just normal but I guess we just have to breathe and realize this is what it is.

A few things that I have been incorporating this month and have truly helped me mentally have been:

Reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. Must confess it started a bit slow for my taste but what I have gotten out of this book is truly wonderful

Getting involved and signed up for virtual runways of my favorite designers like Michael Kors, Dior

Enrolling in the free workshops Sergio’s school created, «School for parents» it not only has given be guidelines to become a better teacher for him but I have seen that I am not alone on the journey. Even though you are not, sometimes you just feel alone. (If you are interested in participating let me know in the comments)

Prayer, I always read my bible, every morning but this time I am trying to consciously pray. Have no distractions and focus on God.

These have been my major milestones this month. What have been yours?

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