When I was thinking about what to write about I encountered a friend and we started talking deep thoughts and I told her, you know, all I have done in my life has required tons and tons of work.

You know how you hear people say, Oh I was just there and it happened, well..that is for sure not my case. Since running for Miss Panama many years ago, people had asked me to drop out because the competition was hard and most probably I would lose.

I decided that even if I was not the favorite, I was going to compete. I worked so hard and was so focused and disciplined, always thinking I want to win but I could always lose, it is not up to me but to the judges and what they see that day. I won and was completely in shock and happiness that it had actually happened to me.

Moving on ahead, I entered TV and to be honest I also worked really hard to prep myself to be the best host I could be. Here, even though I put in all the work for 10 years, my goals and objectives were not met but, I learned so much that it helped me with what I am doing today, which is blogging.

Now, my goals have changed and I work constantly to grow my community and my brand collaborations outside of my country. It has not been easy, but I keep at it. I still get tons of rejection and no for an answer, but I keep trying.

Things don’t come easy in life but when you work hard and you achieve them, that winning moment is so amazing and worth it. I have learned to not take rejection personal and focus on making my work better and better each time so when I reach out to that brand again, they will not be able to say no again.


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