When people tell you that you have a certain style you wonder what style it is that they see in you. That is one of the advantages of working on a blog, is that you start seeing a pattern on your way of dressing.

Lately, I have noticed that, most of my uploads have been with off the shoulder tops or dresses but also, they coincide with the best time of year in Panama and that is our summer time, from December to March.

Women often think that to be sexy you need to show cleavage but for me, there is nothing sexier than exposed shoulders or back, there is that I don’t know what that just grabs your attention.

Hope you enjoyed this small recap and ladies…work those shoulders! 😉


Johanna Ortiz top
Black and cream always a classic combination



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Su blog es solo ingles? Lo puedo cambiar a español?


Hola! por ahora la parte escrita es solo en ingles y los videos son en español. Igual estoy trabajando para tener una pestaña en español y otra en ingles, ambas con la misma información pero me ha demorado mas de lo que quisiera.

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