Growing up my parents did not allow me to go to Carnivals. It is a holiday here in Panama that people take extremely serious.

I does not matter what is going on in the country during that time, carnaval is never canceled. So, where do you want to go for this holiday? Below are some options based on my personal experience.

  1. Penonome, which is one and half hours from the city. Make sure if you go to this town, that you get tickets for Peskaito. Trust me it is much better because you do not want to be squeezed with everyone down at the park where it gets nasty and very hot. This one, I have done it for the 4 full days and lived to tell.
  2. The next place, that is very very traditional is Las Tablas. This town es 3.5 hours from the city. It is very traditional and very very packed with people. For this one I recommend finding a balcony or a high spot because it can be very overwhelming down on the grounds. But for sure is the most traditional one. I have only done it for no more than 2 full days, going for all four, I have to say, I don’t have the stamina.
  3. Finally, if you want something smaller and safer, there are Carnivals in Ocu, Parita (which are close to Las Tablas) and even in the city (although the city one is not the best one)

If you come to Panama and want to experience the true essence of our country, this is the best time to come. I guarantee an amazing time, but do come with an open mind.

On my next post, I will suggest what to bring to this crazy, fun party.


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