These last couple of months have been changes after changes, sometimes stressful, others really relaxing and exciting.

Finally I am done with my kids rooms. It has taken me a long time to get it just right but most importantly, get it so that it is right on budget. I wanted to share some of my tips that I used to keep it fun, nice and different without breaking the bank. My thoughts on this is that both baby and toddler are still very little, exploring with all that is around them and spending $300 on a couch was not going to cut it. I wanted them to be able to enjoy their room without worrying (or me) that it was going to get ruined.

I still need to change Sergio’s chair to something smaller but for now, this one will do until I find something that I love and is on budget.

So, here are my tips:

  1. Decals I found on Amazon at $10 the packet. They are easy to apply on the wall and eventually remove.
  2. The shelves and back of the bed I had made with wood I had left over from our remodeling that was just sitting there. I had to quote tons of people until I found a good person that did a really great job at a normal decent price. I paid $700 for the entire wood work (other things in my room were done as well, not just Sergio’s room)
  3. The bed we bought online at it cost is $280
  4. The closet we had the help of @panamacloset which did a spectacular job and organizing everything for Sergio
  5. Alana’s room all the furniture was used with Sergio we bought it at Restoration Hardware and it was so good, it still looks brand new.
  6. Pillows and sheets I got at Aliss Multiplaza, for very cheap prices and amazing quality
  7. The butterfly decals again were from Amazon
  8. The closet, we again relied on @pananamaclosets who arranged everything but months making it easy for us to find everything we need.
  9. Finally, the bed, we ordered the same one we bought for Sergio, for the same price.



Hope all these tips help and guide you that yes, it may be a bit more work but in the long run you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your kids or your own room look beautiful and zen.

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