Currently, as I type this post I am still recovering from my C-Section but I wanted to write a post to motivate you and motivate myself because in a few days I can start quasi working out, nothing intense but at least start.

My current goal is, once I am allowed to start running is to start my training for the London Marathon. I am so excited to run this marathon for several reasons. First, it has been a while since I was able to run, so getting back to it will be challenging but so much fun.

People sometimes don’t understand why I love to run so much but it’s not only the run but seeing what your body and mind can do. Plus and it’s a big plus is the people you meet. I have a fun group of friends that have become like family. We train together and now travel together to all these amazing places where we do what we love the most, run and have a good time.

For sure, training with friends makes a world of difference. I used to train alone and to be honest, it makes waking up harder, you don’t better yourself, and without a doubt, not many laughs.

So, if you have a goal, whether it be training for a marathon or just getting fit, find a friend or group of friends that will make it that more enjoyable. I can’t wait to be 100% back in training mode and with these amazing group of people that make waking up at 4:50am that much easier.

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