Being in quarantine for so long, in March will be a year, I have felt the importance of making a house a home. A place that will bring you peace and joy but also a place where kids can run around without fear that something might break.

Because I am married to a person that has absolutely amazing taste, I think, I love how much he has taught me about symmetry, colors, accents, to give your home that special touch. We have invested in good comfortable sofas where we can lay for hours and our kids use to build their forts.

By the way, this is an amazing tip. Even the most expensive brands have discounts at some point in time, wait for those moments and you will be able to find amazing quality and design for a fraction of the price.

We like to keep things neutral with little accents of color and good natural light to help make your house bright and happy. Finally, investing in a good candle is always delish. A nice smell that you love inundating your home will for sure make it even more special.

Hope these tips help you when adding furniture to your house and converting it from a house to a home.

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