Hey guys, so happy to be back to my quasi workout routine. I wanted to share a bit of my process, how and what I am doing. Most definitely I am feeling stronger this time around after baby than after having Sergio. I still don’t have the amount of energy I had but physically I do feel stronger and I think I owe it to the fact that I was very fit before having Alana and continued to workout all through out my pregnancy.

Any ways, this is how I am coming back after my C-Section. When you have a procedure like this the recovery time is much slower than giving birth vaginally so I encourage all of you to talk to your doctor before starting your routine.

The first month I did nothing but relax and let my body heal. After I was given the clear to start what I have been doing is power walking every day for an hour and incorporated again Pilates twice a week. The reason for this is no impact is allowed and even though you see everything on the outside looking good, it is inside that needs the most healing. Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core which is the one that suffers the most during and post pregnancy.

My plan is to continue doing these two things until mid November when the first two months are over. Then my plan is to incorporate a very light jog until I reach December where I will stop with Pilates and move on to TaeBeat where it has dance and functional training plus a more intense run.

It can be a bit frustrating, specially when you are so used to high impact but I know my body will appreciate it and taking care of yourself is very important during this process, not rush things.

I strongly encourage if you are a new mom or just want to get healthy to go for it, find that thing that motivates you. There is nothing more priceless than dedicating that one hour a day to your health.

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