Hello everyone! For today’s topic I wanted to share with you tips on how to elevate your outfit. I love nice, brand things but honestly it is not within my budget and not even close during these COVID times where we need to save that money.

So, I wanted to share some pictures where I managed to elevate my looks and seem more expensive than what they really are.

These pants are HM, top from Double Trouble. Added the high end touch with a skinny belt and a paper clip necklace
Basic T-shirt that was gifted, a very vintage Tommy Hilfiger skirt. Just added a belt to give it a little extra and we are good to go
All white Mango shorts high waisted and muscle tee from double trouble. Sleek back hair, my paper clip necklace and we are good to go. s

Finally, keep your color palette neutral so it can be easy to mix and match and babes, it is all in the attitude. If you believe you look amazing, others will think the same.

*Double trouble is an online store in Panama that is really cheap and comfortable.

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