Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk to you guys about the future of fashion week in our region and everywhere else.

Fashion weeks are the window a huge portion of designers use to showcase their up coming collections, so not having fashion week can be a bit challenging because yes, you can see the collection via social media but not being able to be up and close, see how they are made, the quality can be a bit hard to see.

But designers and brands have been getting creative. I have found it is such an amazing opportunity for us that are fashion addicts and are not able to attend these types of shows to see everything live and in the moment.

What I have been enjoying is, having access to brands I already knew and brands that I have recently discovered, seeing how creative they get to show and transmit their brand. Being able to see fashion weeks from every corner of the world that otherwise, would have been impossible to attend all or any of them.

Mexico was the first one in our region to go online, I liked being able to see it first hand, although some videos I didn’t really like because they didn’t follow a story line and the clothes were hard to see or understand the concept of the collection but others were truly inspiring and amazing to be a part of. Plus never I had never been to Mexico Fashion Week so I was happy to see their proposal.

Also being able to be a part of haute couture week which is almost impossible to attend was the best feeling ever. Seeing these gorgeous collections at the same time as everyone else with videos beautifully produced was just a dream.

For now, this seems will be the way for fashion weeks to continue, this year and maybe early next year. My point of view, if you are a fan, take advantage of it and consume it all. If you are a designer, don’t shy away from it and make your video, present your collection in a creative way that otherwise would not have been possible and reach as many people as possible.

This is a time to change, evolve and recreate who we are. Can’t wait to see what the other fashion weeks world wide come up with. It will for sure be very interesting.

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