At the start of the year I had the privilege of partnering with Armani Beauty. I have been a huge fan of the brand for awhile so when they asked me to do a collaboration with their perfume line I was delighted.

For me and latin community in general, we are big on perfumes. One can not leave the house until the perfume has been put on. There is something about an amazing smell that can last all day. Smell, is one of those senses that can transport you to anywhere and at any point in time in your life. It can bring good or bad memories but hopefully a good perfume will take you to a good place.

I am more into vanilla, sweet smells, but not too sweet that it hurts your nose, hahaha.

Below are my fave Armani perfumes that I worked with. Si Intense was a delicious scent, and although it was named Intense, it wasn’t overpowering.

As for men, the Armani Code I just fell in love. It is one of those scents for men that you just want to be close to his neck smelling him all day long. Your man will smell fresh and like he just showered all day and night.

What are your favourite scents? What do they remind you of?




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