Ever since having Sergio two and half years ago I have struggled with saying I had a C-Section and even now after having Alana I struggle with it even though I shouldn’t.

For some reason, when people ask how you delivered (which I don’t understand the question because I believe it to be irrelevant) and you say C-Section, sometimes it comes with a little smirk, like you are lazy and irresponsible for going that route.

I recently read a post by Arielle Charnas from Something Navy and felt compelled to write this personal post. I strongly believe that science and technology was created for a reason. In my particular case I feel blessed to live in a time where this option exists because in another time I don’t know if my kids or me would be alive.

In Sergio’s case, I did labor for 12 hours, when my water finally broke it came out with meconium which translates to, he being so stressed that he pupped inside. I had dilated only 3cm and if we waited to get to 10cm he could breathe this and end up in NICU or God knows what else could have happened. With Alana, we had it all planned out because my Dr didn’t want a natural birth since it only had been two years since my first delivery.

In this case, I have heard many people approach me and tell me that it is not true, you can give birth vaginally if you would have wanted to, your Dr needs to do more research, etc. Personally, I am not a Dr and neither are the people that approached me or sent me DMs, if he said it was not safe why would I doubt him? He is the Dr, why would I risk putting my life or even worse, my daughters life in harms way just so I could deliver vaginally, sorry but to me, it makes no sense at all.

Even with all the planning, my water broke a week before my scheduled C-Section and we rushed to the hospital. When my Dr checked I had dilated zero, nothing. He told me we would go ahead and get started with the surgery and he assured me that it would have probably ended in a C-Section anyways because it would have been extremely painful given that my water broke super early and nothing was even close to being dilated.

In the end, I am happy and feel blessed that I have two healthy kids that are growing in a loving home.

I encourage you give birth whichever way feels right for you and what your Dr tells you is right for you and your baby. I don’t know any different but I can assure you I felt all the pain, the pulling and shoving and giving birth via C-Section is no easy task. I have been very blessed to have recovered fast and really easy but I guess this is just how my body is built plus all the TLC I give to it, specially during my pregnancies.

I am done feeling guilty and having to explain why this birth or that birth. I choose to just ignore and look the other way. We should support each other not throw them to the floor because of how they had or chose to deliver. The way you deliver doesn’t make you a good or bad mother.

I wanted to share this post with all of you because carrying a pregnancy is not easy, every woman is different and we should lift each other up at all times. What are your thoughts?

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Me gusto mucho tu artículo. Que lindo sería que respetáramos cada una el proceso que cada Madre individualmente tiene que experimentar. Yo estuve 8 hrs en labor de parto en cuartito, hospital privado y me tocó experimentar el mal trato de la asistente, el temor de sentir que al romper fuente con mecomio mi bebé podría afectar su vida. El doctor me dijo no podemos ponerte ni a ti ni a ella en riesgo, lo han hecho muy bien, no es momento de arriegar y fui a cesárea. Me hubiera encantado tener conocimiento en ese momento de ese proceso y sobre todo el de la anestesia. Mis ginecólogos eran 2 y pediatras hicieron el mejor trabajo, pero a nivel hospitalario fue horrible. Sin embargo, saber que yo tengo a una niña de 2 años sana, amorosa me hace ignorar completamente los comentarios de otros 🙏🏻 debo ser agradecida con Dios por darme el don de la Vida y poder experimentar la maternidad. Un abrazo Stef ❤️


Me alegra que te haya gustado. La idea es esa, querernos y respetarnos mas. Un abrazo


De acuerdo contigo! Tener un parto natural o por cesárea no te hace ni mejor ni peor como mujer mucho menos como madre. Con mi primer hijo, estuve 15 horas en trabajo de parto que empezó de forma natural a las 40 semanas exactas, luego mi ginecóloga me rompió fuente y acelero el proceso a tal punto que en 2 horas pase de dilatar de 3 a 10cm, me llevaron al paritorio para darse cuenta que mi bebé no bajaba porque venía en una mala posición, así que me llevaron a cesárea de emergencia y gracias a Dios mi bebé nació sano y sin ninguna complicación. Yo me sentía como una campeona, aunque me hicieron cesárea! Con mi segunda hija fue una cesárea programada y fue completamente diferente la experiencia, sentí que me hizo falta la parte de la dilatación (quizá porque la había experimentado con mi primer hijo) pero gracias a Dios mi bebé nació sana! Así que apoyemonos entre mujeres y respetemos la decisión de cada una, nadie tiene derecho a juzgarnos!


Totalmente, lo importante es que nuestros hijos nazcan sanos y apoyarnos entre nosotras.
Un abrazo

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