I have been obsessed with skin care long before it was a trend. I love tight, glowy skin that allows me to wear the least amount of make up possible. I love reading reviews and searching online for the best brands and products out there.

I not only take care of my skin on my daily life but specially when I travel. Traveling takes a big toll on your face. When I travel I like taking all my products or as many as I can with me to keep my skin looking fresh even in the harshest of weathers. Coming from a very tropical and humid climate, a slight change really affects the glow on my face and tends to dry it up.

I want to show you what I use all the time now and have truly seen a major change on my skin.

This beauty elixir from Caudalie I love because it refreshes my skin in between makeup touch ups or before starting my makeup. I sometimes even use it post workout to freshen it up.

Sunday Riley is my other go to brand that I just started using. I ordered it on Sephora online and it has been doing wonders on my skin. I use it daily for my evening and morning routine.

Good Genes,聽they say you can use three pumps I generally use two pumps and goes a long way. The next morning I see my skin replenished and looking more even. It is a bit on the expensive side but I have been using it daily and you get a bang for your buck.

The CEO Glow I use two drops of the oil all over my face and neck, give it a couple of minutes and then add the Ordinary, two drops of the oil as well. This last brand is really really cheap but oh so good, plus the packaging is precious. My skin really absorbs it and my make up goes on super smooth giving it an extra plumpness, specially when I haven’t had the best night sleep.

Finally, for day and/or evening I use my gua sha. I got it from Limitless Beauty, I feel it helps with the absorption of the products plus has many benefits such as easing stress, reducing inflammation and under eye puffiness.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know.


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