So the moment came where we had to transition Sergio from his crib to a brand new, big boy bed. We decided to make the change at least three months prior to Alana’s arrival so he wouldn’t have such a hard time or us. We would make it as smooth as possible because he already has a lot of changes coming up.

How we have handled it. We first told him that we wanted him to move to a big boy bed because he was growing up and should move to a bed like mom and dad. He happily obliged. Off course it was not easy, he soon realized he could get out of bed and walk to our room.

So for the first week he would wake up sometimes around 2am and others around 5:30am. If he would wake up at 2am, we would carry him to his room, if it was 5:30am then we would leave him with us.

No joke, that week was a tough week with a lot of interrupted sleep but every morning we would talk to him and tell him that when he was in bed he had to stay there until we go in the morning and pick him up. He slowly understood and now he is happy and proud to have given his crib to his little sister.

The other thing we have done is involve him in every decision regarding his room, so he feels a part of it. Also, I bought him fun sheets that he is excited to sleep in every night.

I do have to say, I know it takes longer for other kids, for Sergio it took a week but what I have found to be key is getting him involved and talking to him daily and constantly. Kids do understand, you just have to stand as a united front as parents, specially if you have another little one on the way that will also leave you sleep deprived the first months.

Hope my tips help.

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