This year has flown by, it’s crazy looking back all that has happened, personally and how everything has been set up professionally in my life for what’s to come, so excited!!! Today I wanted to share with you how I plan to dress to receive the new year. I normally enjoy more flowy dresses but this time I am embracing the bump and showing it off.

I chose black lace dress because I wanted to feel elegant and sexy and this dress provided both! I loved the sheer of the top part and that the dress has a bit of stretch so I am able to move comfortably.

I like keeping my hair off my face so it will not mess with the ruffles from the top part of the dress, plus, since it’s summer here in Panama it equals major wind so you want your hair in place.

Hope you guys enjoy this post, the pics inspire you and that the coming new year brings tons of blessings, positive vibes to your life. Thank you for reading me this year and look forward to reading you guys more and more as we grow together.





Sheer and ruffles
Mcqueen clutch
Black always elegant
Bump in lace
Looking into the future

Photo by: Pablo Gonzalez



Welcoming 2017 in Style

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