As you know, I was recently in Paris. This trip came about as my husband wanted to take a vacation just the two of us, which although we travel a lot, we rarely take a trip that is just vacation. There is always some sort of work involved. So it was nice to get away.

With Paris as a destination, we had both been at some point in our lives so all the touristy things had been done already, except go up the Eiffel Tower, which off course, we went up and it was worth it, the view was amazing and we decided to go down the stairs on foot so it was even more magical, plus a major workout hahaha.

The Grand Palais

Most of the things we did were museums and expos which were amazing. We went to:

  1. The Louvre for the Da Vinci´s retrospective. It was surreal to see all his works
  2. Centre Pompidou for an exhibition. But the place itself is truly a sight. Plus if you are going with kids, they have an area for them.
  3. Luxemburgo Gardens. Truly beautiful scene and peaceful
  4. Museum of Yves Saint Laurent if you are into fashion, it is an amazing behind the scenes of his work
  5. The Grand Palais, you can go inside event or not, but we were lucky to get tickets for Paris Photo, which was amazing to get to see all these works from famous and not so famous photographers.
YSL Museum

For food we decided to go as we felt, no agenda. So, we ended up going to these delicious, very homey places:

  1. Season, if you are a health nut, this is the place for you
  2. Le bistrot Paul Ebert. They specialize in meat but have really good fish and veggie options
  3. Fromagerie Marie Cantin was amazing. It is a tiny store specialized in cheese. You can do a tasting with a good glass of wine and go home very happy.

We also decided to venture out to Reims. It is just a 40 min train ride to champagne country and so worth it. We spent the day there visiting Pommery and Veuve Cliquot. I do recommend book these vineyards in advance as they rarely take walk ins and the town itself is so tiny it can be walked fairly fast.

Hope you guys enjoy this post and helps you for your next destination.

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