I have always been the type of person that loves a good, intense workout. Call me crazy but I love to sweat like nobody’s business. I have been a runner for the past 3ish years and when I found out I was pregnant my doctor said, no more running for the first couple of months. I was traumatised, what was I to do for my first trimester…not workout?! I was going to loose my mind. 

Well, I calmed down and started looking into several options that I could do to get me blood going, flexibility and help me keep healthy and motivated.

Ok so, I started at the gym with power walks on the treadmill and a bit of weight training, nothing heavier than 5lbs. I did that 4 times a week for my entire first trimester combined with twice a week of pilates.

Now (26 weeks preggo), I still do pilates, but I mix it up with a bit of running on the treadmill, I am getting my confidence back to run outside. I also do a class here in Panama that mixes dance and karate. I don’t do it as intense as the rest of the girls, I go at my own pace but I love it and dancing always makes me happy.

Finally, the occasional swim just to strengthen and at the same time relax my back.

Below is a bit of my routine that I have done and list of my go to workouts during this time. FYI!! If you have never been a person that workouts out don’t start now that you are pregnant. Ask your doctor first before trying any of these workouts.

Hope you enjoy!

Power walk for 40-45min

Squats with the medicine ball adds support to your back 3 sets of 15

Knees should not pass the tip of your toes. You will work thighs and bum

Sumo squat with weight 2,4 or 5lbs. 3 sets of 15

Again, knees don’t go further than the tip of your toes

When standing up, take arms up, squat down, arms down. You will work legs and shoulders

Work those biceps. Back straight and lift. 5lbs, 3 sets of 15

Finish strong with tricep dips. 3 sets of 20

My go to workouts while pregnant:

  1. Power walks
  2. Light jog
  3. Swim
  4. Dance class
  5. Pilates
  6. Light weight training


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